Sunday, January 26, 2020

Happiness Is Homemade Link Party #307

Messy Messy Fail - Oh MY were the cupboards bare last week!  I was scrapin' for ANYTHING to put in the boys lunches.  They typically buy a school lunch (pizza) just once a week while I make lunches the other four.  With all of the traveling and plans since Christmas, I didn't make any shopping trips to purchase food I knew we wouldn't be eating soon.  But the time had come.  Because bread heels do not make good sandwiches.

Tidy Victory - I am pleased to report there is more empty space in my closet and on my shelves than EVER in my life.  I remember there was one time that I had 3 closets FULL of clothes (young & single days).  Now I am down to one closet - not overly stuffed - a few shelves in the closet for jeans and sweatshirts, and finally the drawers of my dresser.  AND THAT'S IT.  

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Happiness Is Homemade Link Party #306

Messy Messy Fail - Our weather!  It's warm, like 60 degrees, then frigid.  We keep getting snow, then it melts.  Then snow, then it melts again.  It'd be great if we could get some to stay so we can go snowmobiling!

Tidy Victory - I have successfully kept my things in my bedroom clean for one week!  As we all know, it's best to not let things get out of hand, including things like your dirty laundry.  Take care of it in the moment and you'll have less to do later.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Mommy Self-Care with Smile Brilliant At Home Teeth Whitening

Messy Messy Fail - Over Christmas break, I saw my sister for our family celebration.  She must have read my mind because she brought a one-step gel nail polish with her.  I begged and she let me use it so I could have nice holiday nails (see manicure status in post below).  Although the gel polish DID last quite some time, I am currently sporting the "chippy" look on my nails, and I'm not talking cute farm house decor.

Tidy Victory - I have gotten into the great habit of IMMEDIATELY throwing away or recycling junk mail (which we get a lot of).  Credit card offers, advertisements, unwanted solicitations - immediately out of the house almost as quickly as it came in.  This makes our paper clutter nearly non-existent which is FANTASTIC!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Happiness Is Homemade Link Party #305

Messy Messy Fail - I think the room in our house that gets neglected the most is my bedroom.  I mean, think about it - you're hardly in it but to sleep!  It's not like when I get annoyed by the sink full of dirty dishes because I'm staring at them every time I walk into the kitchen to eat a cookie :D.  It's my goal tomorrow to just get my bedroom IN LINE!

Tidy Victory - I've already made my first Salvation Army donation for the 2020 year and it felt good!  I typically keep a small bag or box in my room or closet where I can toss clothing items that no longer "spark joy".  I've come to the realization lately that if I even think for a MOMENT that I no longer like a piece of clothing, in the box it goes!  Makes space in my closet and a possible new item for someone else - total win win!

Monday, January 6, 2020

Happiness Is Homemade Link Party #304

Messy Messy Fail - So it's been a few weeks since Christmas and now it's a NEW YEAR!  I always try to make lots of Christmas cookies for the holidays - I got a few made BEFORE the holiday but then the rest AFTER.  We'll call those - post-Christmas cookies :D

Tidy Victory - Christmas has been removed from our house.  All holiday decor has been taken down and my husband said it - it's so nice to see everything dressed up for the holidays but it's also nice to get your house back afterwards!