Monday, January 13, 2020

Mommy Self-Care with Smile Brilliant At Home Teeth Whitening

Messy Messy Fail - Over Christmas break, I saw my sister for our family celebration.  She must have read my mind because she brought a one-step gel nail polish with her.  I begged and she let me use it so I could have nice holiday nails (see manicure status in post below).  Although the gel polish DID last quite some time, I am currently sporting the "chippy" look on my nails, and I'm not talking cute farm house decor.

Tidy Victory - I have gotten into the great habit of IMMEDIATELY throwing away or recycling junk mail (which we get a lot of).  Credit card offers, advertisements, unwanted solicitations - immediately out of the house almost as quickly as it came in.  This makes our paper clutter nearly non-existent which is FANTASTIC!

Mommy Self-Care with Smile Brilliant At Home Teeth Whitening

This post is a collaboration with Smile Brilliant.  I was gifted a teeth whitening kit in exchange for an honest review.

I will admit - sometimes I am good with the self-care, other times not so much.  

Let's make a quick list of my victories:
- daily skin care
- daily makeup
- somewhat healthy eating

Here's a longer list of my fails:
- hair care (as in cuts and colors)
- pedicures & manicures (can't remember the last time I had either!)
- teeth (except for the typical 2x a day brushing and flossing)

Of all those fails (there are even more but you get the point), it's very easy to get away with letting your highlights grow out or keeping your ugly toes hidden in socks.

But an unsightly smile?  You CANNOT hide that.

I think I have a fine smile - I swear I had braces for a decade in middle school - but I always thought it was on the yellow and dull side.  I've tried using whitening toothpastes, those were an okay temporary fix.  I had always wanted to try a whitening system but had no idea where to even start. 

Smile Brilliant was kind enough to get in contact with me and send their tooth whitening kit to try out.  I was totally blown away by the customization and how quickly they sent my molded trays back to me.  Molded trays you say? Wait hang on, lemme back it on up......

The Smile Brilliant system starts out by having you send in impressions of both your top and bottom teeth.  They provide clear directions, all the items needed and an envelope to mail them in.  With a quick turn-around time, Smile Brilliant sent me back my whitening kit including the picture perfect teeth trays (made from the impressions!), a whitening gel and a desensitizing gel.  The whitening kit comes with approximately 18 applications.  

This kit was SO easy to use - just a few easy steps and I was on my way to a whiter and brighter smile.  The trickiest part - and I'll be honest - is remembering to be consistent with using the kit to get the best results.  There were quite a few times where I just couldn't make the time in the evening to use the kit, either due to a late work night or simply mom-life getting in the way.  Regardless I was still super-pleased with the results!  

I honestly never wanted the gleaming white blinding smile, but was looking for a more natural yet whiter look.  That's exactly what I got!

Now with the occasional use of the kit,  I am able to maintain a white smile that truly makes me feel so much more confident.  

I guess you can say I don't neglect my teeth any longer!  I know it can be difficult to make time for YOU - but when you are at your best, you are able to work and take care of those you love in the most effective way possible!  

Take a look at my results - before using Smile Brilliant on top (a bit yellow and dingy) and after on the bottom (brighter and whiter!), truly a difference that LASTS!


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May your smile be bright, confident and beautiful!