Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hold Me Down Debbie Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

A new little something that I will include at the beginning of my new posts: the latest messy messy fail and tidy victory!

Messy Messy Fail:  overall clothes/food packing process for our Thanksgiving trek, COMPLETE fail.

Tidy Victory:  I left many of the things from the kids previous weekend away with my in-laws packed, so  I did not have to repack things like extra pacis, thermometer, medicine, I just grabbed the baggy and shoved it in the trunk!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Oh hey, Friday - The Snow is Here!

Yay for the first time I am linking up - woo hoo!

Where I come from, we typically get a good amount of snow. Our average usually ranges around 97 inches of the white stuff a year, give or take.  So, what to do when it snows out......

<Number One>  Make Nutella Hot Chocolate - found this recipe for Nutella hot chocolate on Pinterest when I was pregnant with my second boy and BOY OH BOY did I gain some weight.  I highly recommend as a treat.  Warning - very rich and delicious!


<Number Two>  Go Skiing - when you live in a part of the country where we average at least three solid months of snow WITH hills, you must learn to ski (or snowboard).  I believe the younger you learn the better.  Such a great opportunity to go outside and enjoy snowy weather.  Plus they make such cute ski jackets these days.

<Number Three>  Go Snowmobiling - I know this is a bit more expensive and difficult to get into, but if you can DO IT, it's so worth it!  I am by no means an athletic/coordinated/in-shape person, but if I can do it, you can do it.  There is nothing more beautiful than driving through a trail under snow dusted evergreens as the sunlight trickles through the branches.

Yep, that's me on my amazing sled.  Notice my outfit matches the vehicle.

<Number Four>  Go Sledding - we own a cheap tie-dyed plastic toboggan that our oldest received from Santa (wink wink) last Christmas, that's all you need.  Oh and a hill would be helpful, too.

<Number Five>  Go Shovel (or snow blow) - as mentioned in my previous list item I am by no means an athletic/coordinated/in-shape person, but nothing like a good shoveling workout.  I am forced to shovel because I do not know how to control our snow blower, someone thinks I might break it or myself.

So THAT my friends is what you do when it snows out.  Do
you have any more ideas?

For all those in my Western area of the state who got dumped with the white stuff - hang in there, stay warm & stay safe!


Friday, November 14, 2014

Drawer Organization - How to Roll Kitchen Towels

So I did it - I spent ten whole minutes (fifteen perhaps) going through my junk/cooking utensil drawer, weeding out what hardly gets used but once a year and reorganized towels from the cupboard (don't ask why I thought it was ever a good idea to put them in a cupboard) into the now empty drawer.

Before drawer

Before cabinet

Beautiful after drawer

Spacious (at least a little more) after cabinet

As you can see I immediately moved the sippy cups and bottles/nipples to the now freed up shelf.  I didn't get a picture of this but I also added the huge formula container (had to put it on it's side, I'm sure that will all come pouring out some unlucky day!) in this space too.  They were formerly in the same cabinet as our glassware and looked a bit silly there.  

Point is, I DID IT!  :)  By the way - I got the rolling idea from posts I've seen before about recommendations for rolling your shirts, underwear, etc. in your drawer to save space.  I was actually able to fit 12 rolled up dish & hand towels in the drawer - super awesome!!!!

It's all about the small victories people :)   Have you ever tried the "rolling" method?  Tell me about it!


Sunday, November 9, 2014

So here I go......

Because I have so much free time (chuckle chuckle) I thought it would be interesting to share some life experiences on the Internet in hopes of finding that other people feel/think/are the same as my family and I.  We have our ups and downs, but the best part is the crazy and fun times we have.

So you may ask, "What's up with the blog title?"  Well, I will admit (my husband will be proud), I try and strive to be organized, lead a simple life, etc.  But somehow I'm just not quite like that, can't seem to reach that level, and I think people find it humerous.  I still try, but the first step to recovery is admitting your faults, right?

My oldest son, Ryan, somehow came up with the phrase "messy messy mess".  Not sure why he says the word messy twice, or where he heard it for that matter, but Love My Messy Messy Mess really just sums up my life right now.  I really do try to be more organized for my family, and there are small victories, but the REALITY of the matter is this is how I am.  I will post pictures from time to time of my highlights and failures, but in the end, it's how I roll and I love it. :)

Victory or failure?  Tomorrow on my to do list:  empty out one of the three drawers I have in my kitchen of cooking utensil nonsense to make room for kitchen towels which are currently shoved in an upper cabinet.  I love how I try to pull one dish towel out and usually three or four accompany it.  Stay tuned........

Enjoy your weekend folks and we'll see what happens next!