Tuesday, March 22, 2016

LuLaRoe Style On The Go - Leggings Review

Messy Messy Fail - While I was giving the monsters a bath last night, I put my phone with my cute dragonfly cover on the back of the toilet to keep it from getting splashed.  At some point it fell onto the floor, and of course in just the right way that it cracked the top of my screen.  This particular phone cover does not protect the top or bottom edge, so it looks like it landed perfectly where it wasn't protected.  Definitely still usable but definitely looks nasty!

Tidy Victory - I found and made this OUTSTANDING recipe for Guiness Beef Stew for dinner this past Saturday and we are still eating and raving about it.  It gets better with every day!  You can pin it for yourself here or go to Angela's blog, Marathons & Motivation to see it directly.  If you like a hearty beef stew, this recipe is perfect.  I love that she added a little Creole seasoning for a subtle kick (not to mention an entire Guiness beer, but that cooks off and you are left with fabulous flavor)!

I would like to start this post with admitting that I was never a leggings type of lady until just recently.  I did own a pair of black and a pair of gray leggings from Target that I would sometimes wear around the house when my yoga pant were in the wash.  

But then I started seeing SO many pairs of leggings this past winter with cute and fun patterns in interesting colors.  

Where were people getting this cute leggings from?

It was just a few weeks ago that this question was answered - LuLaRoe!

If you are a tunic/t-shirt and leggings type of person, than the LulaRoe brand is the place for you to be.

Have you heard of LuLaRoe?

If you have, I bet you already own a pair of their butter-soft leggings (no joke, butter soft!)

If you haven't, here's the deal:

  • They create exactly 2,500 items of a specific print on a pair of leggings (their speciality), a tunic, a t-shirt or a dress.
  • Independent sellers either host a pop-up boutique or online sale where you can go and purchase these items.  Once the print is sold out it is gone, so you have to snag it while you have the chance!
  • All clothing items are quite reasonably priced and are guaranteed or your money back.
I was starting to see quite a few posts on Facebook about LuLaRoe pop-up boutiques happening around town but still wasn't paying too much attention.

That is, until I was contacted by Leslie of LuLaRoe Style On The Go.  She graciously offered me the opportunity to try a pair of their leggings for free so I could write a review blog post.

What a great opportunity - I had to jump on it!  This was finally my chance to see these fun leggings up close and personal.  I just hoped I liked them - remember I wasn't really a leggings girl.

Leslie invited me to attend their first LuLaRoe pop-up boutique party on a sunny Sunday back in February hosted by herself and co-hosts Jami and Jamie.  They also have a Facebook page you can be added to for online shopping!

The ladies of LuLaRoe Style On the Go - Jamie, Jami and Leslie.

As I entered the space they had rented out for their pop-up boutique I was greeted by cheerful balloons and high energy music.  Time to shop, and these savvy ladies new just how to put me in the mood to do so!

I got to the boutique a bit late (had to put the boys down for their nap) but there were still plenty of leggings, tops, skirts and dresses to check out.  All of the items were displayed by size on clothing racks with ample space for walking around.  Tables with cute chalk board signs displayed the prized item - the leggings!

Some of the cute patterns the ladies had out on display.

More leggings in solids and prints.

These are the most fun looking and comfortable leggings you will ever come across.  So many colors, both solids and prints, are available in two sizes - OS (one size, fits 2-12) or TC (tall and curvy, fits 12-22).  Washing instructions are very simple - wash with your regular detergent in cold water inside out, hang to dry.  

One of the hostesses was wearing the CUTEST leggings with a fun octopus print - loved it!

There are several tops available to purchase along with the leggings.  These include:

The Irma top - great for work or play, a rather high-low type style with plenty of coverage in the back if you know what I mean! Meant to be worn in a long and flowy style.  My favorite LuLaRoe top so far!

The Classic Tee  - a comfy short sleeved t-shirt with a high round neckline.  The back is slightly longer so you can still wear with leggings and have your bottom covered.

The Randy Tee - a baseball style tee with a mid-length sleeve.  Fits true to size.

The Perfect Tee - another short-sleeved shirt with a rounded neckline, longer back and flattering slits up the sides.  Let's call it a dressed up tee!

LuLaRoe also sells some ADORABLE skirts and dresses:

The Azure skirt - an A-line knee-length skirt that has a polished lady-like look with the comfort of the LuLaRoe knit fabric.  This skirt also boasts a fold-over waist.

The Cassie skirt - a streamline pencil skirt shape that is very flattering to all sizes.  You can adjust the length of the skirt a bit using the comfy waistband.

The Maxi skirt - the typical length of a maxi skirt that we love in the amazing patterns LuLaRoe designs - a wardrobe staple!

The Nicole dress - a knee length dress fitted through the top and arms with a gorgeous flaring skirt.  Can be dressed down or up for any occasion!  Has a mid-length sleeve and scoop neck.

The Julia dress - puts the smooth shape of the Cassie skirt together with a fitted top, mid-length sleeves and high neckline.  Pair it with a brilliant statement necklace and you are all set ladies!

The fun aspect of the LuLaRoe brand is this - as I mentioned above only 2,500 of a print are produced.  So, there are only other 2,499 other items in a certain print that out there IN THE WORLD.  If you live in a small town like we do, this is great!  You don't have to worry about a ton of other ladies wearing the same print leggings or Irma top that you just bought to the one hot spot in town that everyone goes to.  Hello, fashion faux paux!

The ladies of LuLaRoe Style On The Go were so patient and helpful - I didn't quite see a pattern I was in love with at the pop-up boutique, so I kept shopping on their Facebook page until I found THE pair - these amazing unicorn and lion leggings!

Now you may be thinking, ummm unicorns and lions?  I have a thing with unicorns from my childhood, can't really explain it!

Back to my review:
  • The leggings fit me nicely - I ended up getting the TC leggings because they didn't have this pattern in OS.  I am a size 10 in jeans (almost back to my pre-baby size 8 boo ya!) so according to the sizing, I should wear the OS but I just loved that unicorn print so much.  The TC size is bigger but is quite fine for my needs - they are larger around the waist/bottom area but that will all be covered anyways.  I have since bought three other pairs of leggings (see my Instagram feed!) and those were all size OS, which is the right size for me.
A pair or orange OS leggings and an Irma top that I bought because I can't seem to stop myself.

  • I have washed the leggings as per the instructions and they came out completely fine - no fade or change in size.
  • The material is SO SOFT - when people describe them as "butter-soft" they aren't kidding!
  • The waist band, which is called the yoga waist band, is high enough to keep everything in place if you know what I mean without being suffocating.
  • They are the perfect length for me - I am 5'6 but have long legs, so I typically need to buy long size pants/jeans.
  • The prints are so fun - that was the hook that first got me interested if you recall.  I've seen everything from saxophone leggings to florals, geometric patterns and rhinoceros!
  • These are not a thick fabric nor are are see-through like my Old Navy leggings - I think they are just perfect.  You cannot see your skin through them.  However, if I were to wear a light colored pair with navy polka-dot underwear, you would definitely see my skivvies.  I think most of us are smart enough not to do that anyways!
  • The price point is very reasonable - leggings are $25, which even as frugal (cheap!) as I am, I am happy to spend that amount on a good quality product.
  • The most important point (to me anyways) - THE WAIST BAND DOES NOT ROLL DOWN!  It is high enough that it stays put - how wonderful is that!

My final verdict - I love them and have a new shopping addiction.  I guess you could even call me a leggings type of gal now!
These leggings are a great quality for the price point.  They are fun and fashionable for everyone from the young toddler to the retired woman.  And above all, they make you feel good about yourself!  

We can all get into a rut where we find ourselves wearing the same frumpy jeans or sweat pants yet feel guilty about going shopping to pick up a few new items.  These leggings, and any of the items in the LuLaRoe line for that matter, are reasonably priced to fit a frugal (cheap!) budget like my own and bring a fresh new look to your wardrobe.

I'm telling you - if you haven't tried these yet, you should to see the butter-soft goodness for yourself!

If your are a local to my neighborhood in the Southern Tier of Western New York, the LuLaRoe Style On The Go Ladies are having another pop-up boutique!  

Sunday, April 10th, 2016
Above the Lakewood Police Station
Village of Lakewood, NY 
1-3 PM

There will also be a Facebook online shopping party THIS FRIDAY, March 25th, 2016.  Please go the the LuLaRoe Style On The Go Facebook page for times and shopping instructions.

A special thanks again to Leslie, Jami and Jamie of LuLaRoe Style On The Go for gifting me my leggings to try - I love them!

Are you a LuLaRoe addict yourself yet?

*Disclosure - Financial compensation was not received for this post.  A sample product was gifted from LuLaRoe Style On The Go.  Opinions expressed here are my own.