Sunday, January 29, 2017

Happiness Is Homemade Link Party #156

Messy Messy Fail - It's always the laundry - or should I say the laundry monster.  Looming, lurking, ALWAYS.

Tidy Victory - I was finally able to take some time and reorganize our crazy pantry in the basement.  It became WAY too easy to come home from grocery shopping and just plop all the bags on the floor in FRONT of the pantry instead of in it.  All back to how it should be now, and it only took 15 minutes.  Way did I wait so long?!?!?!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Happiness Is Homemade Link Party #155

Messy Messy Fail - It's NEVER too late to dig up those plants that you were supposed to extract from the ground in October.  Especially when you have an unseasonably warm day of 57 degrees in Western New York!

Tidy Victory - Got all of the empty beer bottles we had just been tossing out into the garage back to the recycling center for our refund and SURPRISE - this month's mortgage is on our favorite craft beer breweries!  I kid - but I still got about $15 bucks back - sweet!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Happiness Is Homemade Link Party #154

Messy Messy Fail - I cannot even put into words how disorganized and crazy I have felt lately - unbelievable!!!  I blame Friday the 13th.

Tidy Victory - I at least got my act together enough to get this party posted unlike last week :)  I still blame Friday the 13th.

Happiness Is Homemade Link Party #153

Messy Messy Fail - The ultimate fail - I FORGOT TO POST THIS PARTY LAST WEEKEND!!!!!!!

Tidy Victory - I remembered to post tomorrow's party :)

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happiness Is Homemade Link Up #152

Messy Messy Fail - Happy New Year everyone!  In all of our holiday traveling, I definitely forgot to find someone to take care of the cats while we were away  Of course one of my awesome babysitters was available but MAN I can't believe I forgot to do that.  

Tidy Victory - I somehow managed to bake 8 dozen cookies on Christmas Eve.  I used to take a day off from work to bake all day long but that just didn't work out this year.  Cookies turned out great and the boys loved helping me mix, roll, place and decorate!