Friday, November 21, 2014

Oh hey, Friday - The Snow is Here!

Yay for the first time I am linking up - woo hoo!

Where I come from, we typically get a good amount of snow. Our average usually ranges around 97 inches of the white stuff a year, give or take.  So, what to do when it snows out......

<Number One>  Make Nutella Hot Chocolate - found this recipe for Nutella hot chocolate on Pinterest when I was pregnant with my second boy and BOY OH BOY did I gain some weight.  I highly recommend as a treat.  Warning - very rich and delicious!


<Number Two>  Go Skiing - when you live in a part of the country where we average at least three solid months of snow WITH hills, you must learn to ski (or snowboard).  I believe the younger you learn the better.  Such a great opportunity to go outside and enjoy snowy weather.  Plus they make such cute ski jackets these days.

<Number Three>  Go Snowmobiling - I know this is a bit more expensive and difficult to get into, but if you can DO IT, it's so worth it!  I am by no means an athletic/coordinated/in-shape person, but if I can do it, you can do it.  There is nothing more beautiful than driving through a trail under snow dusted evergreens as the sunlight trickles through the branches.

Yep, that's me on my amazing sled.  Notice my outfit matches the vehicle.

<Number Four>  Go Sledding - we own a cheap tie-dyed plastic toboggan that our oldest received from Santa (wink wink) last Christmas, that's all you need.  Oh and a hill would be helpful, too.

<Number Five>  Go Shovel (or snow blow) - as mentioned in my previous list item I am by no means an athletic/coordinated/in-shape person, but nothing like a good shoveling workout.  I am forced to shovel because I do not know how to control our snow blower, someone thinks I might break it or myself.

So THAT my friends is what you do when it snows out.  Do
you have any more ideas?

For all those in my Western area of the state who got dumped with the white stuff - hang in there, stay warm & stay safe!


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Mrs. Keiser said...

BAKE! Bake your little heart out. There is nothing more peaceful than the cathartic act of baking as you watch the snow fall outside the kitchen window. Or you greet your spouse, who has been battling the snowy driveway, with a delicious dessert as the aroma fills the house.