Friday, November 14, 2014

Drawer Organization - How to Roll Kitchen Towels

So I did it - I spent ten whole minutes (fifteen perhaps) going through my junk/cooking utensil drawer, weeding out what hardly gets used but once a year and reorganized towels from the cupboard (don't ask why I thought it was ever a good idea to put them in a cupboard) into the now empty drawer.

Before drawer

Before cabinet

Beautiful after drawer

Spacious (at least a little more) after cabinet

As you can see I immediately moved the sippy cups and bottles/nipples to the now freed up shelf.  I didn't get a picture of this but I also added the huge formula container (had to put it on it's side, I'm sure that will all come pouring out some unlucky day!) in this space too.  They were formerly in the same cabinet as our glassware and looked a bit silly there.  

Point is, I DID IT!  :)  By the way - I got the rolling idea from posts I've seen before about recommendations for rolling your shirts, underwear, etc. in your drawer to save space.  I was actually able to fit 12 rolled up dish & hand towels in the drawer - super awesome!!!!

It's all about the small victories people :)   Have you ever tried the "rolling" method?  Tell me about it!


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Mrs. Keiser said...

90% of the time, I roll our clothes in the suitcases when we travel. Wrinkle free, baby!