Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Aloha Soft Bamboo Sheets Review

Messy Messy Fail - I fell AGAIN getting out of the truck in nearly the same spot.  Will I ever learn my lesson?

Tidy Victory - Cork floors in the mud room and kitchen have been steam cleaned!  That steam cleaner I have it so quick and easy - do you have a steam cleaner?  I highly recommend this one from Bissell!

Aloha Soft Bamboo Sheets Review

I love having lovely bed sheets and I've tried nearly all types - cotton, flannel, microfiber, etc.  You name it, I've tried it.


For bamboo sheets!

I've heard such good things about bamboo sheets - better material for keeping cooler while sleeping, ultra soft and ultra light fabric.  

Aloha Soft graciously offered me a pair of their lovely bamboo sheets in exchange for a fair review on my blog.  

Sooooooooo the sheets are washed, on my bed and I've got plenty of wonderful things to say about them!

The sheets themselves are made from bamboo viscose, a natural fiber.  The material is also made in such a way that no harsh chemicals are used, making this a very environmentally friendly product and  process.

I think the most noticeable difference between these and my other sheets is just how cool they keep you!  I'm not talking like cold/shivering cool, but not overly hot so that I wake up sweating like a mother in the middle of the night!

The material is super soft ALTHOUGH I do think that my microfiber sheets are still the softest ones I own, but these bamboo sheets are right behind them.  The fabric is like none other that I own - light yet of a heavier quality.  It's heard to describe until you feel them yourself and you think "Oh I see what she meant now!".  They literally have a heavier weight in hand than any of my other sheets yet still so breathable!

Another nice point about these sheets - especially for families who have allergen problems - the material naturally deters scents and allergens!  This can most likely solve lots of problems for kids with allergies and helps them stay healthier.  

Well, so far I've told you all of the wonderful things about these sheets that I am already dreaming about laying in tonight.  Of COURSE there has to be one drawback, and I like to keep my reviews honest and real.  

These sheets are high-priced - the current white king set that I receives retails for $199.00.  However if you think about the idea of not having to replace these anytime in the near future - or perhaps ever - it would be worth the investment.  

The Aloha Soft boasts the highest standards for their bamboo sheets with a quality warranty for the lifetime of the product.  They state that the material quality itself is so high they these sheets will long outlast any other typical set you have.

To read about or purchase these sheets, visit the Aloha Soft website at the link below:

This is the particular set that I received and I (we, my husband included) REALLY love them!

White Bamboo Sheets (we got king size)

I'm curious - have you ever touched or do you own bamboo sheets?

*Disclaimer - I did receive a free product from Aloha Soft in exchange for a fair and honest review.