Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Baby's First Birthday with Mickey on the Farm

Messy Messy Fail - Ugh I cannot get the dishes in the dishwasher - especially the top rack glasses - to come out completely clean.  There seems to be tiny bits of grossness stuck to the glasses, especially on the outside of the upper rack.  I've tried cleaning the inside of the gasket to get the gunk out, I'm tempted next to run an empty cycle with a glass of vinegar.  We have extremely hard water in our area, but seriously, what gives?!?!?!?!

Tidy Victory - Now that the high school spring concert is over (stress!!!!!) I can start cooking and catching up on household chores again.  Last night I made the PW's breakfast quesadillas and MAN were those tasty!

I really enjoy having a fun themed birthday party for my kids for their first birthday.  It's so much fun to have all of our family in from out of town to celebrate.

For the toddler's first birthday, we had a Mickey Mouse Luau - he loved watching Mickey Mouse Club House and his family nickname is the Hawaiian so it seemed fitting.

For the baby's first birthday, we noticed he enjoyed Mickey Mouse Club House as well, and we thought it would be fun to do a farm theme, so Mickey on the Farm it was!

Who knew that not many people had already thrown a Mickey on the Farm birthday party - Pinterest wasn't too helpful with this one!  A friend has sent me a whole slew of pins for Mickey things, but Farmer Mickey was not to be found.  Who knew I had come up with such an original theme (wink wink)?

For each kid, I always purchase a birthday banner from A Sweet Celebration on Etsy - she does an amazing job putting together the cutest most creative banners that I could NEVER make in a million years.  

You may notice that I blurred out the baby's name - no offense people, just to protect the privacy of my kids (that's why I do not post pictures of them on the blog either, I want them to decide for themselves later in life if they want to be all over the internet or not).

I also had her make squares for his 2nd - 10th birthdays so I can keep reusing the banner (even though they won't be Mickey on the Farm but that's okay!)

I stole the idea from a birthday party my good friend threw for her second son's 1st birthday party (he was born 14 days before my baby) to have an activity table for the older kids.  We had playdough, crayons, Mickey print outs, toddler scissors and glue sticks to keep them occupied.  I also purchased a 12-pack of cute little farmer hats from Oriental Trading for the kids to keep as a party favor.

I also bought a 12-pack of these checkered tablecloths in several fun colors and the large pennant gingham banner to decorate the baby's highchair and the wall a bit.  I should have read more carefully how big the pennant actually was - quite large for the high chair - but it did the trick.  I had originally intended to purchase the red tablecloths but the colors ended up working well, too.

We are a bit limited on places to purchase cakes in our area but ended up finding this cute farm cake from Tops Friendly Market.  I couldn't find a Farmer Mickey cake and I know my limitations, but this cake was delicious and adorable.

Did you know Tops will give you a free 5" round cake on your baby's first birthday when you show their birth certificate?  Here is what was left from the baby's free cake.  He annihilated half of it and would have finished it had I not taken it away.

I used Mickey happy birthday balloons from the Dollar Tree (holla!) tied to red deli baskets stuffed with  wax paper basket liners to hold extra napkins, salt and pepper.

For the early dinner menu, we decided on a picnic theme.  

We made:

PW's Pulled Pork
Copycat KFC Coleslaw

Our family made:

Aunt Ashley's Taco Dip
Aunt Sarah's Corn & Bean Balsamic Salsa
Great-Grandma Jean's Potato Salad
Aunt Stacey's Corn Casserole
Grandma's Fruit Frog
Aunt Meghen's Tortellini & Fruit Salad
Nana Patti's Spinach Salad

We also had a beverage dispenser of good old fashioned ice tea for people to drink along with water, cans of pop (not soda!) and beer.

There wasn't too much food left when the party was over so I'll take that as people liked it.  The kids had fun running around and coloring, the adults got some good adult conversation, and we had a successful party with the baby and Mickey on the farm!


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Kristy said...

Katie, super cute!! what a great idea! Happy 1st birthday, baby boy! <3

Love My Mess said...

Thanks ma'am, I know you're a sucker for a themed party as well! ;)

stevenjared0853 said...

Hope you had an amazing first birthday party. I am arranging my nephew’s birthday party and already booked one of lovely New York venues. Planning to hire one of renowned florist to do decorations for this event and hope to have a grand party.