Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The Best Gift: A Watch by Jord

Messy Messy Fail - I have found spiders on my clothes, crawling across the table in front of me, however never in my hair until a few days ago!  I did a story on my Instagram sharing my experience - the arachnid literally creeped from the back of my head to the front while I was brushing my teeth - I did let out a little scream!

Tidy Victory - I have successfully sat down and read for 15 minutes two times in the last week - that's two more times than the last two YEARS!  One of my goals this year was to read more, and slowly but surely I am!

The Best Gift: A Watch by JORD

This post is a collaboration with Jord Watches.  I was gifted a Jord watch in exchange for an honest review.

It is SO unbelievably hard to find quality, unique gifts these days.


And ESPECIALLY for the magnificent man in your life.

Like, I feel like I need to start planning for Father's Day MONTHS ahead because I want it to be special, different and memorable.

And so my ever-so-early list begins:

  • custom golf balls (already had and lost all of those)
  • stereotypical "Dad" or "Husband" shirt  - ok but I can't just give the man a shirt
  • custom cuff links (for the suit he never wears of course)
  • custom bourbon glass (we break and repurchase one every year)

What a MESSY MESSY FAIL dad gift list that is!

So I was thinking that perhaps this year I have the kids make ANOTHER "Why I Love Daddy" homemade book (not there there's anything wrong with those but I'm pretty sure I've already had the kids make him at least 3 of those) when I stumbled across something so unique and USEFUL.

No - not grill tools that clean themselves (I should patent those) - but a handsome and STUNNING watch made with WOOD!

Yeah, I thought the same thing - how can a watch be made with wood?

Don't ask me, I'm not the creator, but I am the FLABERGASTED potential consumer. Jord Watches (pronounced like Yoda without the A :D) sent me a stunning watch to gift to my husband who has EVERYTHING.  But even upon first glimpse at this handsome timepiece, I knew he was smitten.

Presented in a beautifully crafted wooden box, the watch he selected
has a glass face which shows all of the moving parts and gears.  It
comes with an extra link that can be easily added for more length if
necessary. Both the box and the watch can even be personalize with an
engraving to add that extra special touch. But worry - when ordering the
website gives great directions to help you determine the proper watchband

See for yourself, so handsome and unique!  My husband selected the sandlewood

& stainless steel watch named Dover II (I see it's currently sold out!) - he loved
the darker finish of the wood on the band with the shine of the
stainless steel.

This particular watch boasts of 60 handmade pieces with a steelcore
frame and self-winding automatic movement.  It's almost mesmerizing
to watch the piece tick and keep time so precisely.

Both my husband I are absolutely THRILLED with the quality and look
of this timepiece - it truly is a unique gift that he will treasure forever.  Happy
early Father's Day dear! :)

Are you already thinking a Jord watch may be the perfect present for your guy? 
Are you a woman of style and simplicity who can rock a gorgeous timepiece like
this (they totally have a wide variety of women's watches, too!)?

Enter my GIVEAWAY to receive $100 towards the purchase of your own wood
Jord watch!  Simply click the link above and enter your email - it's that easy!
Just think - if you win you practically have this next Father's Day IN THE BAG!!!!!

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