Thursday, September 15, 2016

Health, Beauty and Wellness Groupons for a Parental Relaxing Experience #Groupon #ad

Messy Messy Fail - Definitely had the cute t-shirt I had on under my sheer LuLaRoe Lindsey inside-out for half of the day yesterday.  I only noticed when I looked down and saw the hem on the outside of the v-neck.  Perhaps no one noticed (da da DAaaaaaaa).......or did they?

Tidy Victory - I am so excited that the new fall TV show lineup is in progress - so many new and exciting series it's hard to know what to pick!  There is simply not enough room on my DVR for all of them - will there be anything to replace Parenthood in my life?  Only time will tell - what are you excited to watch this fall?

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Sometimes I just need to get out of the house and do something for me.
I'm always picking up after the kids, feeding the pets, folding and putting away laundry.......
Not exactly my idea of a relaxing experience.  
But you know what is my idea of that?  

I'm thinking of a 60-minute facial, a stone pedicure, perhaps a trip to the gym to release some energy. 

Now THAT is my idea of a relaxing experience, something for me.

As parents, we are constantly tending to the needs of our family members but we easily forget that sometimes we just need to focus on ourselves for a little bit.  

Do you want to know what's even better than having a relaxing experience all for yourself?  

Having a relaxing experience for yourself at a DISCOUNTED PRICE!

All this being said, I now need to tell you parents where to go for this relaxing experience at a discounted price:

At Groupon you can quickly and easily search for the latest discounts in your area for Health, Beauty and Wellness Groupons. With a few quick clicks that much needed relaxing experience is at your fingertips (literally and figuratively).

You should try searching right now - you never know what kinds of offers are currently available!

I just did and look what came up:

Seriously - how FUN would it be to get a blowout at nearly HALF THE COST?!?!?!

I would strut into my classroom the next day and my middle school students would say "Oooooo Mrs. Derrenbacher your hair looks so big and beautiful!"

Now, my high schoolers would probably be more like "Yo D-bach what's up with that pile on your head, that's different..." but they judge me too much anyways.

Anyways - BACK TO THE POINT - the amazing deals you can get at Groupon are too good to let go.  Are you an experienced Tweeter?  Click here so you can get the latest by following Groupon on Twitter.

Treat yourself to a special little something in the department of Health, Beauty and Wellness Groupons - you need it and you DESERVE it parents!  Don't forget to search the other categories availabe to see the latest deals on anything from restaurants to pet services.

Have you ever treated yourself with a Groupon?

*Disclosure - I received financial compensation for writing this blog post.  Opinions expressed here are my own.