Saturday, September 3, 2016

First Day of School Free Printable Sign

Messy Messy Fail - In preparation for the UPKer going to Kindergarten, we had to get the boy new sneakers.  We are slightly limited in our options around here, and I should have known to call ahead to see which stores would have the toddler size we needed.  Especially when the buckets of rain started to fall from the sky.  The third store was the charm, but even more unfortunately the 4th store we stopped in just to look (MISTAKE!) had the same sneakers, slightly different colors, HALF OFF!  The UPKer wouldn't even entertain trying them on.  

Tidy Victory - This AMAZING recipe is what I made for dinner on Wednesday night - Grilled Salmon with Black Bean Salsa.  It was quick, simple, fresh and full of so many lovely flavors!  Total hit, for the adults anyways.  The UPKer said it didn't look like the fish sticks they had at school......his opinion doesn't count on this one.

First Day of School Free Printable Sign

So I was looking on my Pinterest board for the first day of UPK printable sign I had pinned and printed last year to print the first day of kindergarten sign for this year.

Cause you know my first-born is now going to be in kindergarten.  Did I really just type that out loud??!?!?!!?  Where has the time gone???????

Trisha + Beth from Jolee Studio had originally created and shared these adorable first day of school printable signs.

I found the pin, clicked, but the file had been removed by the creator.


So in the quickest printable-creating fashion I have ever completed, I recreated the first day of school printable for the UPKer to take his picture with on Tuesday.

As he now becomes a kindergartener.


I'm so sad that the original file created by Trisha + Beth is no longer available.  Their original signs were just adorable, and I recreated these as closely as I could to honor their design.

Therefore, please help yourself to these if you are looking for a free printable, too (for personal use only)!

Please find all of the pdf files for grades Pre-K, UPK - 8th grade (just in case your 8th grader is not too old to take a first day of school picture!) for you to download and print.

I know many states have already started school - here in Western New York most students are starting the Tuesday after Labor Day, hence my late share.

But I hope you are able to enjoy these and make a memory for your family on the first day of school.   Remember these are for personal use only people!

Have a great start to a new school year everyone!

How did your kids' first day of school go?