Sunday, July 17, 2016

Happiness Is Homemade Link Party #130

Messy Messy Fail - Perhaps you weren't up early enough to notice that I definitely forgot to set up this party post at the appointed time of 3 AM est.  If I missed you I am so sorry - if I didn't and you had no idea I forgot, pretend like you didn't just read this and link up below :)

Tidy Victory - I finally went through and reogranized both of the kids' clothing drawers.  It's amazing how fast they go through clothing.  The UPKer, soon to be kindergartener, shot up over the winter a whole size that I had not anticipated.  It's nice to have all their clothes put away - I kept having to make piles of clothes on the floor because they wouldn't fit in the drawer!

Welcome back to another great week at Happiness is Homemade Link Party!!!



The Partiologist Shell Oreo's

Beach Themed Oreos from The Partiologist


DIY BatiK Wall Decor from Raven Would


White Chocolate and Pistachio Sponge Blondies from I Wasn't Expecting That




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