Friday, April 1, 2016

6 Ways to Reuse Your Leftover Hair

Messy Messy Fail - We purchased a new entertainment center to go underneath our TV that we mounted on the wall on a hinge.  All of the DVD's were reorganized on the shelves underneath.  Low and behold, aren't 4 of the most popular DVD's missing - The Land Before Time, a Thomas DVD, the Little Einsteins and the old school Disneyland Mickey Parade.  The boys will not confess nor show me where they went, so the search continues.  Until then, the Peppa Pig DVD is on our hot list.  I feel as though I have really begun to master that British accent.......

Tidy Victory - I attended the UPKer's field trip to a local farm this morning - what a treat!  We got to pet some horses, check out some pigs & cows, even saw some baby goats that had been born only 6 hours before we got there!  So cute - be careful if you ever see a baby goat, you'll want to take one home!

I was going through my "hair drawer" in the upstairs bathroom, using my comb to get all of the hair out of my hairbrush and wondering to there was a way to reuse this?  All of this hair that I just throw out into the garbage.  I do seriously shed like a dog - I can pull HANDFULLS of it out when I take a shower.  

No need for concern, I have so much hair it's almost quite unbelievable.  

I just hate being wasteful.  

So I sat down with my legal pad and came up with this list of ways to reuse my hair.   

<One> Donate It to Wildlife - Animals right in your backyard, especially birds, LOVE using your leftover hair to help build their nests.  Simply take your brush hairballs and toss them into your yard.  Someone will pick them up.  No, that's not desert brush rolling around your lawn, just your hair that has yet to be claimed for someone's home in the trees!

<Two> Cat Toy - What cat doesn't love batting things around your living room floor?  They like playing with yarn, right?  Just roll some of your hairbrush hair into a ball and let them have at it.  Even if they don't play with it, it'll just end up in a corner with the rest of their hair that they have shed anyways.

Nice profile shot of one of my cats, Pinchas.  He's quite noble.

<Three> A Firestarter - You may already know (sorry if you do!) how very flammable hair can be.  Perfect!  For getting your enclosed fire started, anyways.  Don't have kindling or newspaper handy?  Scrape that hair off of your hairbrush and toss it right in the middle.  Just beware of the smell, not quite so pleasant.  But this could be life or death people!

<Four> Christmas Ornament Keepsake - Let's get crafty with our hairballs!  They have clear plastic or glass Christmas ornaments at your local craft store - simply stuff some hair in, perhaps add a small little pine branch or some glitter.  VOILA!  A beautiful and precious keepsake of your DNA.  Don't commit any crimes - they'll take your beautiful decoration as evidence.  And then you'll REALLY have a problem.

<Five> Emergency Teeth Flossing - Are you out to a nice dinner, enjoying your salmon or steak when you feel something large and protruding stuck in your teeth?  Excuse yourself gracefully, run to the bathroom and frantically look for something to get it out.  Not wearing any earrings that you could use to poke it out?  I have your solution - pluck a good length hair (carefully!) from your head and you have automatic dental floss!  Your hair obviously isn't as strong as the former, however when you need a quick fix, it certainly will do.  Now return to the table and continue your fabulous meal.

And finally......

<Six> HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY! - If you know me and my wacky sense of humor, you know I look forward to my April Fool's Day post every year :)  I always try to find a nut-so, off-the-wall, nearly gross topic to write a post about that won't affect anyone's personal well-being or health.  Especially if they miss the whole part about this being an April Fool's Day joke, so I thought this idea would be pretty decent.  I truly considered covering the topic "How to Recycle Your Already Dirty Diapers" but I figured that could make some stomachs turn.  Here is my joke post from last year - I think this was a good one, too!

Happy April Fool's Day readers and enjoy your weekend - spring is here!

What was the best April Fool's Day gag you played on someone or that someone played on you?