Monday, January 18, 2016

Printable Super Bowl Party Prop Sheet

Messy Messy Fail - All I want is one of those cute tribal/geometric print open front sweaters with the angular cut.  I see them on Instagram all the time - usually worn with leggings and riding boots.  Do you think I can find one here?  Not at Old Navy, Bon Ton, Maurices, American Eagle, JC Penney or even Sears.  TJ Maxx is my last hope be continued.

Tidy Victory - I have successfully cranked out nearly 4 posts in 2 days - a little delay on my image mapping led to this slight cluster, but I am publishing and rockin' the blog this week like no one's business.  Boo ya!

Now we have not had one at our house and some time, but we just LOVE a good Super Bowl party!

The food, the friends, the game!

I love football.  So much in fact that every year I ask for penalty flags for Christmas.  They have yet to show up under my tree.

I used to practice my penalty signs while watching the games, but my husband told me it was getting annoying.

Oh well.

In the meantime, you don't have to know all there is to know about football to enjoy a Super Bowl party.

Or to play a Super Bowl party game and perhaps win some money, for that matter.

Cue the printable Super Bowl party prop sheet!

This is a fun betting game that you can use for personal use only at the next party you have or attend.

Simply click the link below to download your FREE printable Super Bowl party prop sheet for this year's 54th game, print out enough for everyone at the party and enjoy.

Participants can put in a set amount of money into the pot, answer the questions on the printable BEFORE the big game, and the person who scores the most points on the printable wins!

Make sure that someone who is not playing (usually the party host) keeps their own sheet and writes down the correct answers as the game is played for the answer key.

You truly need no football knowledge to play this game, just luck!

Enjoy this free printable, and remember it's for personal use only.

Will you be watching the 54th Super Bowl this year?

I know we will!