Saturday, November 14, 2015

Oh, Hey Friday - Slightly Shallow

Messy Messy Fail  - It's nearly 12:30 on my Friday night and I'm finishing this post.  I'll pay for this tomorrow surely.  I am a night owl.  

Tidy Victory - The UPKer ate the leftover Chinese from yesterday for dinner!  I promised a pretzel from Auntie Anne's at the mall if he ate it all.  Whatever works.

There's been a lot going on this week....

  • Getting ready for winter concerts
  • Getting ready for Thanksgiving
  • Getting ready for Christmas
  • Participating in the amazing 2015 Ornament Exchange and Linky Party

Busy, busy, busy..........

Lots of thinking going on.

So tonight, as I binge watch my third episode of Ladies of London, I'd like to take this opportunity to give you my list of 5 things that are slightly shallow and thoughtless, but sometimes it's fun to be like that.

So here I go.........AGAIN ON MY OWN (loves me some Whitesnake!).

No really, here I go.

<One> Pillow Mist - The very words make me swoon and sigh as I desire to gracefully lie my head on my pillow.  I was very inspired by this post from A Beautiful Mess to try making my own pillow mist, and I did!  My recipe was simple - 20 drops of lavender and 15 drops of vanilla in a small spritzer bottle, then fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water.  VOILA!  Can I just say that BOTH my husband and the UPKer ask me every night to "make their pillow smell nice".  Absolutely delightful.

<Two> It Cosmetics Hello Lashes Clinically Proven 5-in-1 Mascara - So I have a blush obsession that you can read about here but it seems I have also recently acquired a mascara problem.  My eyelashes are short, light colored and poker straight.  No good.  Therefore I have made it my mission to find a mascara to make them fabulous.  I received this mascara in my latest Ipsy Glam Bag for October and I LOVE IT!  I haven't read yet about what the "clinically proven 5-in-1" means but regardless, it rocks.  There are all these special little spikes and nubbies on the applicator that enable me to get product on every lash, even the tiny ones in the corners.  HIGHLY recommend this if you have tiny, straight lashes like me.

<Three> Younique Moodstruck 3d Fiber Lashes+ - I had read a lot about this direct sale product on Facebook over the summer and heard a friend was having an online party.  So I joined the party and bought the fiber mascara I had been hearing so much about.  I'm still experimenting with it to find the right application procedure for me - at first I did not use my own mascara to start and it seemed rather clumpy.  It definitely did plump up my lashes, but I had to use a comb to separate a bit.  Now I almost feel as if the transplanting gel has dried up since I first started using it - I read about a tip about putting the gel bottle in a cup of hot water to make it smooth and that does seem to help - but I'm still working on it.  I do enjoy the look it gives my lashes - big, fat and luxurious - when I'm going out, but I'm not so sure if I'll be using it regularly for work.

<Four> Over the summer, we discovered the UPKer could sit still long enough to watch a children's movie in a movie theater - progress!  My sister (the kids call her Mimi) and I took him to see the Peanuts movie last weekend - we had a blast!  He gets this terrific gut laugh going, and as Snoopy is tossing Woodstock around the screen and doing all sorts of goofy things, he is laughing so hard that other people in the movie theater are laughing at HIM laughing!  There is nothing more joyous than the laugh of a child.  Go see The Peanuts Movie, it's great!

<Five> Tide Laundry Detergent - Always trying to be frugal (cheap!), I have ALWAYS purchased less expensive laundry detergent including the Wegman's brand, Sam's Club brand and Arm & Hammer (cheapest out there!).  They smelled okay (which is VERY important to me) but it seemed as though they didn't clean the laundry quite as well after awhile.  My mom always swore by Tide, so I snatched up a coupon and got my first jug of the stuff.  The scent is WONDERFUL and the clothes truly feel clean and lovely - I guess you sometimes get what you pay for.

To conclude my somewhat vapid and vacuous post, would you care to share....

Any other lovely pillow mist recipes out there?

What's your favorite mascara?

What laundry detergent do you use?

Sometimes it's just nice to not think too much :)