Sunday, August 23, 2015

Oh, Hey Friday - Two Days Later

Messy Messy Mess - I hate changing the cat litter.  Enough said.  Gross.

Tidy Victory - I took the boys to my Happy Place (Wegmans) for grocery shopping and the toddler WILLINGLY went to W-Kids - aka Wegmans daycare while mommy shops.  I was floored.  I signed the paperwork, got his socks on (requirement for entrance) and off the baby and I went.  You are given a pager to wear in case your child has to go to the bathroom (the staff won't take the child), and it started going off while we were in the bread section in the back side of the store.  Ohhhhhhh no, did he push someone?  Did he say something naughty?!?!?!?!  Nope, he was standing on the couch (not allowed!) and bonked his head.  The staff member had given him an icepack and needed to know if I wanted him to remain the rest of the time.  I asked the toddler, and he sheepishly said yes (YES!) because he wanted to play with the trains.  ALLELUJAH!

Being at orchestra camp all week has really consumed a lot of my time.  

As in, all of my time.

Which leaves me little family time and even less blogging time.  

No good.

But now camp is over and things are returning to normal.  Until school starts that is.  

But how about a little catching up in the meantime.

<One> Blueberries (again!) - Funny story - when I first started talking about blueberries in this post a few weeks ago, my friends and I couldn't find a common time to go picking.  Three weeks later, we finally did and the Blueberry Patch where we typically go was strangely closed!  Good thing I called ahead of time to double check, how disappointing would that have been!  Quick thinking and one of the girls found another smaller patch but they still had lots of berries.  I ended up picking 3.45 pounds and had a lovely sit down dinner with those fine ladies afterwards.  I'll be taking the toddler to pick some more when he gets up from his nap in a little bit.

<Two> Chautauqua - Not only was it nice to participate in orchestra camp at Chautauqua Institution but also have the opportunity to look at the beautiful homes, gardens and do some shopping for myself! 

Don't you just love the orange and yellow combo?

I scored some cute neutral tops on sale at Pat's at Chautauqua.  This pink beaded necklace with gold-toned coil was from GG My Love and my Angelica Karma bracelet was from the Chautauqua Bookstore.

<Three> Boating - Some friends of our family have a mobile home and an awesome boat on the lake, and they invited us to dinner and for a ride.  The toddler has never been on a boat before.  We wondered if A) he would put the life jacket on or B) if he would even get on the boat.  He is my cautious child.  However it was not a problem - we were sea worthy within minutes of eating dinner and enjoyed a lovely ride around the lake, we even saw our famous steamboat the Chautauqua Belle!

<Four> Library - This friend of the family, who also happens to be a retired teacher, has put up a Little Free Library in her mobile home park.  I noticed it as we were walking down to the lake to board the boat and she explained how she had her husband (retired corrections officer & horticulturist) built and secured the structure while she maintains the books.  Anyone in their community is free to borrow or add to the library.  What an awesome idea!!!!!!!!

<Five> Braai Seasoning - My sister-in-law whom we visited in Rochester a few weeks ago brought this seasoning back for us from her trip to South Africa a couple of years ago.  While staying at her house, she used this seasoning as a rub for some steaks.  Absolutely DELICIOUS!  It's savory and peppery with a hint of heat - perfection!  Great alternative to having meat marinate over night - just sprinkle the rub on your meat (chicken or beef!), drizzle on a little olive oil and you are set!  I don't know if local grocery stores carry this but a quick search on Amazon and it came up.

Summer is coming to a quick close folks, no denying that!  What will you be doing with your last few days before Fall returns?

Better late than never! :)

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