Monday, July 20, 2015

Pretty Frame Ring Holder

Messy Messy Fail - I made lists for my trip with the kids to visit my family - I remembered zippy cups, underwear, swimsuits and ear protection for the Air Show.  What was the only thing I forgot?  The toddler's Blue Bunny which is a sleeping necessity.  Of course I forgot Blue Bunny.

Tidy Victory - We had a successful visit to both mine and my husband's families - no trips to Urgent Care, lots of fun activities, good food and lots of love.

In 2014 (or was it 2013?), a post on Facebook went around about making a homemade gift for the first 5 people who responded to you to show that you appreciated them within the year.  

I was very intrigued by this idea and said to myself, "Myself, I wonder what I could come up with?"

I have since made and delivered a few, but not all.  

I'm still going to finish them (for those of you who are still waiting!).

For one special friend, I had the perfect homemade gift in mind - a pretty frame ring holder.  She was genuinely in love with her engagement and wedding rings when she received them, and I thought this craft would be a cute way to display them.  

I first found the idea on Pinterest here and wanted to try to recreate it for my friend.  Renee at Sassy Wife/Classy Life did a great job of coming up with this unique idea.  I had to try making one myself!

I asked her about the colors in her bedroom (green, white and black) to try to pick colors to match.

To make your own pretty frame ring holder, you need:

a mini picture frame (purchased mine at Michael's from the dollar
   bin in front)
a piece of craft foam
a piece of pretty felt
jewels for blinging
glue gun
pretty straight pins

Here's what you need to do:
  • Remove the plastic covering from the frame.  Mine ripped out pretty easily with the exception of a few pieces.  I just used my eyebrow tweezers to get the remaining pieces out.
  • I used the paper that came inside the frame to trace the same shape onto the craft foam.  I then cut that piece out as well as a second the same size.

  • Place the pieces of foam inside the frame and trim as necessary.  Make sure you can close and clasp the frame.  Some of the corners on my mine stuck out a bit due to the foam but that's okay.

  • Use the paper that came inside the frame to trace the same shape onto the felt.  You can really use any fabric, I chose felt so it wouldn't show any holes left from the pin.

  • Place the piece of cut felt on top of the two pieces of foam and secure in the frame with the back closed.  You should be able to see the pretty fabric through the front of the frame.
  • Now the fun part - plug in your hot glue gun and start decorating your frame to fit your recipient's style.  I used faux pearls, green and clear jewels.  I only decorated the two sides of the frames - I didn't want it to get out of control.

As you can see some blinging got a little messy.  Must be neat and tidy!

  • Let your decorations dry.  If there are any misplaced or sloppy jewels you can use the tweezers to take them off and reglue until you are happy.
  • Push your pretty pin in through the felt and foam angled upward to hold rings.  Be careful not to push the pins through the back of the frame.
  • Hang your gorgeous jewelry and admire!

I had so much fun making this for my friend because I was finally able to get my craft on (haven't done that in awhile) and I knew she would like it (hopefully)!

She lives down the street from my mom, Nana Patti, whom I do visit several times a year but I haven't gotten to see J (my friend) in awhile.  We made a special meeting time after she got out of work and I was waking children up so she could stop by for a quick visit and I could give her the homemade gift.

We were originally going to take a walk down to her house to visit her kids too, but the toddler got sick and I didn't want him taking his nastiness to her house.

I think she liked it!

We even got to catch up a bit.  J makes me laugh so hard, I loved making the ring holder for her.

Enjoy making your homemade gift to show someone you care!

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