Sunday, July 12, 2015

Oh Hey, Friday - How Great Is This

Messy Messy Fail - Who knew the melting point for white chocolate was so low?  Not this girl!  Apparently the temperature for your double boiler to melt white chocolate should only be 110 F.  That doesn't sound like a "boil" to me - that's as hot as my shower!  And "burning" the chocolate doesn't mean it's brown and crispy, but thick and grainy.  I "burned" two batches while trying to melt them, that's why there ended up being only one white chocolate truffle :)

Does that looked "burned" to you, cause it is.

Tidy Victory - On the flip side of that situation, I was able to pull out some dark and milk chocolate chips that I had left over - they melted fine in my double boiler.  They turned out delicioso for my cake balls! ;)

I just can't say enough how nice it is to be spending time at home with my boys and husband for the summer.  We've gotten to do lots of activities together - story time at our local library (they let me back in), shopping at My Happy Place (Wegmans!) and Sam's Club, and picking out flowers to add to the garden.

It's been a great second week and I've got a bunch of random things to share:

<One>  This Thing - Who knows that this is?

scroll down..................................

If you guessed fish turner you are correct!  If you did not guess that, clearly you need to be more educated on your kitchen utensils ;)

Who knew such a simple device could make me so happy?  I've wanted one for quite some time - I have a huge pancake turner that can be too big to use and my large replacement OXO spatula I mentioned in this post, but I wanted something long and slim.  I found this at the Kitchen Collection in our local mall - perfect!  It was only $5.99 and it's red to boot (I enjoy red kitchen appliances, don't ask me why).

<Two> The Library - What a great place!  We attended a Wednesday morning story time with some friends - the toddler sat for TWO ENTIRE STORIES!  It's amazing what a difference a year can make, because that certainly never happened last summer when we went.  He did interrupt a few times to ask Miss Claire (the librarian) if he could sit in her lap, but other than that we were without incident.  After story time we went downstairs to the children's section and played with puzzles and rented a new Thomas the Train DVD.

<Three> Yankee Candle Sun & Sand Candle - My husband thinks I'm crazy to be burning candles when it's warm out, but I NEED things to smell nice.  I have scented things in our bedroom, my car, my classrooms at work - it brings me clarity and keeps me peaceful.  I've really been enjoying this scent from Yankee Candle so far this summer - I swear I can hear the ocean if I put my ear up to the jar!

The name of the candle would suggest it smells like sunscreen, but I swear it doesn't.  The Yankee Candle website notes orange flower, citrus, lavender and a powdery musk.  

<Four> Summer Projects - So I cannot just sit around playing and blogging all summer - I have to get some work done, too!  I'm planning some big cleaning/organizing projects for the summer including:

  • Reorganize the downstairs pantry
  • Reorganize gift wrap section/containers
  • Paint & redecorate our bedroom
  • Place printed pictures in chronological order in photo albums
<Five> DIY Shower Paint Paint - I saw a post about this originally here and I pinned it here.  Sounds like a fun idea for the bathtub, and since I'm always looking for new bathtub entertainment, I'll be giving this a try this week.  We have a three piece tub without grout so I'm not worried about the food coloring staining.  I'll let you know how it goes!

Thanks for stopping to check out this post - I've got some more coming up for the week including about how my hanging baskets turned out and a possible Amish Friendship Bread round-up!

Have a great week!

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Tif @ Bright on a Budget said...

Love the paint idea for the bathtub. I did not know what a fish turner was, but I'm never claimed any expertise in the kitchen.haha And one time, my brother got kicked out of storytime. Oops.


Love My Mess said...

Awesome - hehe honestly I was just looking for a long spatula and laughed out loud when I saw it was called a "fish turner". Nice to know I'm not the only one embarrassed at story time ;)