Friday, June 19, 2015

That's a Wrap

Messy Messy Fail - Sometimes I am a great multi-tasker, other times not so much.  Today - not so much.  I had to return to the high school three times after I initially left to take the toddler to his UPK open house (ahhhhhh!) to get/do things I forgot to do.  Boo!

Tidy Victory - I knew I shouldn't have waited this long to find a dress for the wedding I am attending with my husband tomorrow.  However, the Bon-Ton had quite the decent selection and I found one, on sale, and they even let me use a COUPON ON A SALE ITEM!  I about fell over - I ended up paying $27 for his dress, woo hoo!

The craziness is finally coming to a halt and the end is near - successful retirement party, baby is baptized, driveway is fully paved and I finished my last concert last night.  It's funny - there is a mad dash of activity at the end of the school year and then it comes to a grinding, SCREECHING halt.  Suddenly, I have nothing to do but spend time with my family.  A couple more small performances with students next week but that is it.  With going to a wedding and celebrating Father's Day this weekend, I've been wrapping up a bunch of things.

<One> Wedding Outfit - As mentioned above, the stars aligned and I found a great dress for a smokin' deal.  I was truly worried, the choices in my neck of the woods can be extremely limited.  I tried on about 10 dresses to start, but this one had structure, hit my waist in just the right spot and I just love the color!  Here is my outfit I've planned for the wedding tomorrow:

<Two> Lancome Lady - She first approached me as I was trying to pick out a dress - did I want to try some foundation, get a color match and some samples?  I originally didn't think I had time, but I found my dress so quickly that I made time!  She matched me to color Porcelaine D'Ivoire 130 in the Dual Finish Powder/Foundation.  She applied it with a brush and it had nice coverage, not too little but just enough.  AND it smelled nice.  Got a sample of Genifique Youth Activating Serum, too!

<Three> Elizabeth Arden Lady - She approached me after I bought my dress and I had just ran over to the perfume counter to see if there were any gift sets on sale.  I used to wear Chance by Chanel (the gold one), Ralph by Ralph Lauren and Cool Water (hello, 90's).  Lately I've been looking into purchasing Honey by Marc Jacobs, but the Elizabeth Arden lady introduced me to Untold.  Now typically, I do not associate Elizabeth Arden fragrances with young, lights scents (with the exception of Sunflower, hello early 90's), but she had me try Untold and I actually liked it.  It contains notes of bergamot (love!), peony, gardenia and sandalwood.  It's amazing how scents you would never think could go together would make such a beautiful smell.  When things smell good, it calms me down.  I have air fresheners everywhere I go.

<Four> Card Making - We really love making cards in this house.  It's fun, crafty, creative and inexpensive.  It's also a great way of letting people know how much you care by taking the time to make something special just for them.  My sister, the toddler's godmother, has a birthday next week so I had him make a card for her.  Some colored paper, washable markers and clearance stickers from Wegman's was all we needed.

<Five> Father's Day - I am ready with our store-bought gift, a homemade gift, a card (didn't make this one but it was so funny I had to buy it!) and plans to hang out around the house all day.  I'll discuss in further detail later so as not to ruin the surprise.  I just LOVE surprises!

I hope you are all getting things wrapped up like I am, feels so good to cross things off of the list.  Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there and enjoy the weekend!  I hope you like this picture I quickly shot of a gorgeous sunset out of my upstairs window, no filter necessary for this one!

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