Sunday, April 12, 2015

EB Baskets

Messy Messy Fail - When I was pregnant with the baby, both mine and my husband's backs started getting sore from sleeping at night.  I contributed my pain to being a miserable preggo and thought for sure I would feel better after having him.  My husband even went to a chiropractor which he says did help.  The baby turns one year old in two days and low and behold, our backs still hurt.  Time for a new mattress.

Tidy Victory - We received all of our party planning essentials for the baby's Mickey on the Farm birthday party this weekend - absolutely ADORABLE birthday banner from A Sweet Celebration on Etsy (she even made extra number squares for me to change out when we use it every year, which I do!), plastic checked table clothes and flag banner for his highchair, farmer hats for the kids and two giant pork tenderloins for pulled pork.  

I love Easter - dying eggs, putting baskets together, hiding tin foil chocolate eggs around the house and dressing up for a nice meal.  I am always in charge of putting the boy's Easter baskets together, and I've been planning this year's since, oh I don't know, JANUARY.  

Not only is the toddler into Thomas the Train but PAW Patrol is high up on the list, too.  Go figure - the baby likes Thomas (since that's all that we watch in this house, besides PAW Patrol).  So I decided to do a PAW Patrol and Thomas themed baskets this year. We spent the holiday at my in-laws house so I packed everything in a giant TJ Maxx reusable bag and away we went.

All of the items purchased were either from Walmart or Wegmans.  The actual Easter baskets themselves were mine from when I was a kid.

For the baby's Thomas basket, I collected the following items:

  • Easter bunny plate
  • 1 bag of paper grass
  • Thomas and James bath squirter toys
  • Thomas rolling train (plastic)
  • Vtech Baby Line Beep & Go Baby Keys
  • Container of bubbles
  • 2 packages of yogurt bites
  • Biscuit's Pet & Play Easter book

I also got the baby a chocolate train from Peterson's Candies which I will end up eating.

You can never ever EVER go wrong with Peterson's Candies.

For the toddler's PAW Patrol basket, I collected the following items:

  • Easter egg plate
  • 2 bags of paper grass (bigger basket)
  • Duck & Goose Here Comes the Easter Bunny book
  • Giant PAW Patrol coloring book
  • 8 pack of Ultra-Clean Washable Crayons
  • PAW Patrol Big Action Pup, Chase
  • PAW Patrol Rolling Marshall Car
  • PAW Patrol T-shirt
  • Chapstick Original
I also purchased a chocolate bulldog (like the one in PAW Patrol of course) from Peterson's Candies.

Yummy chocolate bulldog made from the most delicious and creamy chocolate.

The night before Easter, I like to hide these little tin foil eggs all around the house in places where the toddler can easily find them.  

I happen to have a few leftover tin foil eggs this year, so I put those and little piles of jelly beans in larger plastic eggs that we USUALLY hide around the yard - the kids go out after breakfast to collect them.  It was pretty cold out this year so I hid them in the boys rooms when they weren't looking after we got home.  They got a kick thinking the EB (Easter Bunny) had visited them both at grandma and pop pop's house AND at our house!

The EB hid the baby's Easter basket in his highchair at my in-laws house, and the toddlers was up high on one of his favorite things there - the big clock!

I think I may have gone slightly overboard on the basket goodies this year, but it's just so fun planning it and seeing how much fun they have with all of the Easter day activities.  

What are your Easter basket ideas or Easter activities that you like to do with your families!

Beautifully sunny day, time to go outside with the fam!


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