Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Amazing Uses for Deodorant

Messy Messy Fail - Now this wasn't TOO bad of a fail - we made the PW's Crispy Easter Eggs as a family project today.  You essentially use a plastic Easter egg as a mold for rice cereal and marshmallows.  Then, you are supposed to decorate your eggs with sprinkles.  Except the sprinkles hardly stuck at all.  Maybe I was supposed to have the toddler decorate the eggs immediately after I made them while they were still warm?  Either way, I didn't hear any complaining when everyone was eating them for dessert.

Tidy Victory - Our second Easter project of the day - Easter Bark - was a big hit and easy to do.  I picked up 4 bags of colored melting chocolate at Michael's for 1.99 a piece (score!) and reused some sprinkles I had from making cookies.  So much fun!  Funny thing, this particular activity was on Facebook posting about the ultimate Easter fails, hmmmmm we had no problem (for once)!

So people, did you ever even REALIZE all the amazing possibilities with deodorant?  I know that it's primary use as a pit destinker is not always the most desired topic of conversation, so here are some ways to use it that you WILL want to talk about!

<One> As a Face Degreaser - Blend, baby, blend!  Not only will your shine be banished but your face will feel powder fresh, too.

<Two> Car Air Freshener - I ALWAYS keep an open deodorant container in my free coffee cup holder - spring fresh!

<Three> Window/Mirror Defogger - I cannot explain the science behind this one, but holy cow the "perspiration" is gone!

<Four> Dish Washing Soap Substitute - You don't even need a sponge!

<Five> Dry Wall Spackle Substitute - Fill up those pesky picture frame holes in a jiffy AND freshen up the air in the room

<Six>  As an Oily Hair Degreaser - I'm telling you, one swoop of the stuff and bye bye, grease!  I particularly like to use it around my temples where you can see the oil beading up.


I'm sorry, I had to.  I watched a video someone posted on a blog last year about helpful uses for cat liter, and when it got to the end where the blogger was using it as a facial exfoliant, I was like "No way!!!!". So thanks for reading and unless you are crazier than I am, DO NOT TRY ANY OF THESE!  :)

Happy first day of April everyone!



Ash and Crafts said...

Hehe, great post! I was just thinking to myself that deodorant would be an awful degreaser before I got to the end! :) #2 does sound like it would work though!

Love My Mess said...

Thanks hehe, I had a whole bunch of other funny things but I kept telling myself "Only list things that people can do to themselves so you don't have a lawsuit on your hands from using deodorant as a special cooking ingredient and poison somebody". Thanks for reading! :)