Friday, March 20, 2015

Randomness on the First Day of Spring

Messy Messy Fail - The poor baby follows the toddler around and plays with his toddler toys.  Chews on puzzle pieces, throws Mega Blocks, pushes around Hot Wheels.  As the toddler was getting older, we packed away his baby toys in tubs in the basement but then forgot to get them back out for the baby.  Whoops.  Maybe playing with toys for older children will make him more advanced.

Tidy Victory - Did you know that if you call the credit card companies and catalog/magazines you receive junk mail from, they'll take you off the mailing list and STOP SENDING IT?!?!?!  I'm insane about recycling - I think it drives my husband crazy - I'm always gathering piles of paper, plastic, glass and metal to put in the recycling containers we have in the garage.  I even save my yogurt containers from school, rinse them out and bring them home to recycle.  So getting less junk mail = smaller paper recycling pile = happy husband.

In contrast to my last long post filled with pictures and details, I'd like to post a short list of randomness that I have been thinking about today on this first day of Spring.  I thought this day would never come.  Not that I didn't enjoy all of our winter snowmobiling and such, but it really was a cold one.  My school district had one snow day and three cold days, as in the wind chill was at least 15 below zero and not safe for kids to be walking to school.  Having this many days off due to inclement weather NEVER happens in my district, so that says something about how brutal our winter was.

<One>  Melting - We have had several days of temperatures above 40 degrees, which means that the 4+ feet of snow we had has turned everything into a lake/pond/mud.  Winter boots have been exchanged for galoshes.  Melting snow means finding interesting things around that have been lost in the snow and presumed gone forever.  Until now.  Like the blue pom-pom that came off of my husband's hat when he was putting up Christmas lights.  We meet again pom-pom!  Now I just have to figure out how to sew it back on.  Located directly underneath the rhododendron bush in our front yard.

<Two>  Musicals - If your local districts are anything like ours, this is prime time for musical season.  If  you are looking for some inexpensive entertainment that supports your local schools, try looking in the paper or at the district websites to see when their musicals are scheduled for.  Chances are you will be highly entertained and and impressed to see what some talented teenagers are up to these days.  My district is performing Bye Bye Birdie, and I've got my ticket and babysitter lined up for Saturday night!

<Three>  Gardening - I let out a shriek of excitement when I happened to see my daffodils already starting to poke out of the dirt.  I know it is still a ways off, but I'm so excited to see what comes up this year.  I planted a TON of bulbs & tubers last fall - peonies, poppies, some sort of tree from Nana Patti and the Lord only knows what else - and it's so fun to watch little sprouts come up and try to figure out what made it and what didn't.  We had a large holly bush in front of our house that we lost last fall (moment of silence), not sure what happened, but it needs to be ripped out and replaced.  What should we put in place of it?

Skeletal holly bush

<Four>  Party Planning - The baby is turning one and we love to plan a big first birthday.  Our theme is going to be Mickey on the farm with a picnic type menu and lots of farm goodies.  To save some money I made the invitations myself but am having a cute birthday made from an Etsy shop.  I will not be going too overboard, but I like to have some cute centerpieces and of COURSE a cute cake (that I will not be making, too much pressure).  I'll be taking pictures throughout the process and posting about it after B-day has been completed.

<Five> Dog Tag - The dog's new FREE (only paid for shipping) tag from Shutterfly arrived in the mail a few days ago and I figured out how to put it on her collar today (needle-nose plyers).  I think she really likes it and I really like Shutterfly!

Her name is Sadie, not Woof, her name and our phone number is on the other side.

Thanks for reading my randomness today and enjoy your weekend everyone!