Friday, January 16, 2015

Oh hey, Friday! - 5 of My Favorite Blogs

Messy Messy Fail - I really enjoy decorating for the season/holiday, and after Christmas I put up snowmen (I collect them), yet they have yet to be displayed.  Therefore, my shelves are naked.

Tidy Victory - the toddler's potty training is making huge gains lately, at the expense of washing 5-10 pair of underpants a day, but I think that's a HUGE gain!   Even if it takes chips and Bison dip as our positive reinforcement (we brush our teeth twice a day!).

I wish I had kept better track of this, but I THINK I starting looking at blogs about halfway through my pregnancy with the baby.  Let's say that was the fall of 2013.  

I am a traveling teacher, sometimes switching between buildings three times a day.  I remember just being EXHAUSTED at the end of the day when I was preggo, carrying all that extra weight around and still attempting to climb the two GINORMOUS flights of stairs to my orchestra room on the second floor of the high school.  So after a very long day, I'd prop my feet up on the couch and start searching for some easy reading online.  

The very first blog I came across that I immediately enjoyed was with Kate and her blog - The Small Things Blog.  This blog has evolved over the years from being mainly about hair & makeup to more posts about her family, crafty things and just everyday life as a newer stay-at-home mom with a one-year-old and a new one on the way.   I was intrigued by her hairstyle TUTORIALS (I love saying that word out loud, is that weird?) and descriptions of makeup colors and such.  I loved it!

I continued searching for more reading material and have since come across several that I enjoy checking on as regular a basis as I can muster, which is sometimes only once a week.  So, here is my list of my five favorite blogs that help me de-stress from the week:

1.   The Pioneer Woman - my all time favorite read.  Filled with her delicious recipes with AMAZING pictures as well as tales from her life on the ranch in the middle of nowhere.  I watch her cooking show religiously and love everything that she wears, especially her amazing earrings!  I also love her passion for home teaching and everything that she shares about her experience with it.

2.   The Small Things Blog - really easy, light reading with great hair and makeup tips (especially for us fair-skinned gals)  She also posts videos once a month or so about new beauty products and/or products she likes or dislikes (for valid reasons of course!)

3.   The Farmer's Wife - witty witty witty!  Basic blog about her family's life on the farm, makes me smile every time!

4.  Iheartorganizing - my go to for organizing inspiration.  She features a lot of large scale projects that I would most likely NEVER try, but it's still fun to read about how she does it!

5.  Scary Mommy - I just cannot stop laughing.  Warning - you MUST have a sense of humor to read this or you WILL be offended, so lighten up!

Honorable mentions - Momastery - her one post about being grateful will always stay with me; Coordinately Yours - I wish everything in my house could be white like hers, has some really nice gift ideas;  The Rosie Report - really fun to read while I was pregnant because that was ALL I had on my mind at the time for obvious reasons.  

Thinking of starting your own blog?  The common thread that all bloggers have is their desire to SHARE their passion with others, so if you feel the same way, do your research and GO FOR IT!  Whether it's just a fun hobby like mine or your livelihood, you'll never know how it goes unless you try.  

Enjoy the weekend, we hope to be out snowmobiling!