Friday, December 26, 2014

Goals for a Teacher's Christmas Vacation

Messy Messy Fail - the 9284897345892098 dirty dishes I left in my wake after making a fabulous Christmas dinner.  Thanks to my husband for cleaning them up!

Tidy Victory - We cleaned up in preparation for our house cleaner coming while we are out of town.  Yes that's right, we clean for our house cleaner.  But I'm sure she still thinks it's horrendous :)

It's really good to have goals.  Especially if you are looking to get something done during your time off.

So, I present a list of 5 organizing goals for my next week at home.

<One> Organize the spice "black hole".
Because it literally is a black hole that I shove every bottle of seasoning I've ever purchased.  Time to purge.

<Two> Organize the baby's clothes that no longer fit.
He's into 9 month clothes now, yet I still try to shove him in 6 month clothes.  I'm a terrible mother.  But everything stretches with a few good tugs!

<Three> Reorganize the pantry.
I originally had dedicated certain shelves to baby food, baking items, sauces, etc.  Now it's just whatever shelf was closest to me when I was unloading the grocery bags.

<Four> Reorganize & clean the finished section of the basement.
It looks like Christmas threw up in there.  End of story.

<Five> THE BIG ONE - Clean up our bedroom.
Our bedroom is the last room in the house to receive any attention - not painted, same curtains as when we moved in, my pre-maternity clothes strewn across the floor.  MUST BE CLEANED WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

Perhaps I will post some pictures when I tackled #5, however embarrassment may settle in and I could wimp out.  We'll see what happens!!

Any other vacation goals floating around out there?  Do share and get organized with me!  :)



KreativeKinders said...

We have been purging in our house too! Scott and I cleaned our bedroom tonight. Whooowho!! -Mel

Katie said...

Werd - yay for you! So far I've put away two loads of laundry and emptied one of two suitcases from the bedroom. Baby steps. Besides I still have 1 & 1/2 days left, nothing like waiting until the last minute ;)