Saturday, May 5, 2018

Museum Trees - A Review

Messy Messy Fail - There are literally gusts of up to 60 mph going on outside this old farmhouse right now as I type.  Mother nature is pruning- and we'll be picking up tomorrow.  That's what small children and a little red wagon are for.

Tidy Victory - New material - IT'S A MIRACLE.  Keep reading and have your #mindblown!

Museum Trees - A Review

I like plants.  I like having them in my house, on the deck, in my garden, etc.  

Now I wouldn't say I have a green thumb or anything like that, but I do okay.

Believe it or not though, I have the most difficulty with my indoor plants.  Finding the right amount of light, appropriate humidity and such can be a real chore.  

Let's just say that I have orchids that haven't bloomed in oh, say, three years.  

Enter the faux plant - the answer to all of my indoor plant prayers!

Museum Trees contacted me and was gracious enough to let me chose an item to feature in my home decor.  They offer a HUGE variety of custom artificial trees.

I chose this AMAZING potted faux fern.  Being that we are in a farm house with somewhat eclectic decor, I thought the fern would fit in nicely.

Check out these close-ups I took - the details are really incredible!

It even has these cute little fiddlehead curl ups just like real ferns have!

This is the "dirt" which is in solid form but seriously looks like dirt.  There are even sticks to resemble the old dead stems.  

The pot that it comes in is sturdy and solid - not plastic!

And now for the styling!

I tried using it in a few different locations throughout the house to see how I liked it staged best.  

The first place I styled the fern was in our breezeway.  This is the room between our garage and mudroom - it's basically the first room you come into upon entering the house, so it's important that my guests get a sense of my house immediately from this room.  Although it is not heated, it has a beautiful slate floor, the coolest lighting fixture EVER from Ikea and a warm burnt orange wall color.   

I thought the potted fern would like nice and out of harms way sitting in this old worn chair I picked up for FREE at a garage sale.

That would be my dog Sadie's hiney that you can see through the last door into the mudroom.  Hi Sadie.

Just another angle.

The plant brings a little color and life to this cozy room, don't you think?

For my second styling, I moved the silk fern into the mudroom.  We have HUGE custom built cubbies for shoes, jackets, book bags, etc.  There is an open space between the cubbies underneath a window with some under storage, but I thought it could use some color as well.  Check this out.....

It fits PERFECTLY in the corner right in the sunlight.  How gorgeous is that???

It also compliments that cool old mirror that the previous owners left for us as well.  

So that is choice number 2!

For my third style, I went into a completely different room and paired the piece with some furniture and other decor I already had out.  

We have dark engineered hardwood in the living room, library and dining room.  This small table was an old antique I "borrowed" from my mother.  I love using delicate lace embroidered linens, it gives furniture a soft look.

Paired with a cute robin's egg shadow box and bird cage candle, this look really freshened up the wall in our living room!

For the fourth and last look, I used the faux fern up against a dividing wall as a solo piece rather than with other items.  

Aren't those little ferns "growing" form the bottom so cute!  It looks so authentic!

 The pictures above the fern on the wall are at the perfect height, totally unplanned when I hung those first.

So those are the four ways I styled my new faux fern from Museum Trees

What do you think readers?

I'd love for you to tell me below in the comments which look you liked the best!

Tell me your favorite by voting in the comments below!!!  

Are you wanting to purchase your own faux plant from Silk Plants Direct?

For my readers who wish to make a purchase - use the special code "BLOGGER10" and save 10% off your order (excludes customer orders)!

Indoor faux plants are perfect for anyone to incorporate into their decor like I did - low maintenance, no mess to clean up except for the occasional dusting, and it won't die when you go on vacation!


Two thumbs up in my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed checking out my different style ideas - don't forget to vote below in the comments for your favorite!

*I received this free product from Museum Trees in exchange for an honest and fair review.  All opinions are my own.