Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Favorites - Post-Christmas Recovery

Messy Messy Fail - My feet are horrendous, just ask my husband.  I pay regular visits to my podiatrist, but for the 2nd time I completely forgot about an appointment this past week and didn't even realize it until days later.  I felt so badly - when I called to reschedule, I identified myself as "The jerk who forgot about my appointment again.".  Thank goodness they are so understanding.  

Tidy Victory - Over our vacation, hubby and I managed to clean out the unfinished portion of the basement.  The pantry and baby clothes were resorted and organized, wrapping paper totes cleaned up, kitchen appliances reconfigured and decorations all boxed up in labeled containers.  Pandora helped out A LOT with that project.  What can I say, music inspires me!

Wow, welcome to the new year my fabulous readers!  I haven't even accidentally written 2015 on a student pass or check yet!

My family and I had a great vacation over the holidays - we were able to travel and visit all of our family with two more Christmas celebrations.  The boys received tons of wonderful gifts including clothes, more Thomas parafanelia (of course), and some other really neat toys.

It's been quite the week back at work - it may sound ridiculous but it even takes us teachers a few days to get back into the swing of things.

Now that all of our winter/Christmas concerts are finished, I am busy picking new music for our spring concerts.  For the classical music lovers out there (holla!), for the string orchestra I am planning some Folk Tune and Fiddle Dance by Fletcher, Themes from Thomas Tallis and perhaps some Kashmir.  For full orchestra - Russian Easter Overture and Themes from Star Wars - the Empire Strikes Back.  Gotta find another slow piece for the full orchestra but I am pretty pleased with my programming so far!

And now for my favorites this week:

<One> Tom and Jerry Drink - Not the cartoon, but the adult alcoholic beverage.  I've heard this is a Western New York thing, but I just found online that it's quite popular in the Midwest as well.  A local store makes and sells the batter - I always like to purchase some for making the drinks on cold winter nights.  You can get a recipe to make your own Tom and Jerry batter and drink here.

<Two> I Said Yes!!! - To being my twisted sister's matron of honor (yes the MOH!!!!) - her boyfriend proposed to her over Christmas vacation.  How exciting to have another wedding in the family!  She asked by presenting me a Pandora bead, the Forget Me Knot (cause I'm her twisted sister, get it?!?!) - how awesome was that.  I'm so excited to plan the Bachelorette party, ow ow!

<Three> Goodbye and Hello - We have officially sold our old snowmobiles - we love this winter sport.  If you have no clue what I'm talking about, check out this post I wrote about it from last winter.  I was extremely sad and nostalgic about my sled - I can grow very attached to things.  But we also purchased two new sleds as replacement and I cannot wait to RIDE!!!!  Now if only the ground would freeze and it would snow.

<Four> New Gear - With a new snowmobile a girl has to get a new jacket and new bibs (so my butt doesn't look so big).  A few weeks ago I posted the picture below trying to decide which jacket to pick - hubby bought me two for Christmas so I could pick the one I liked.  I ended up going with #1 on the left - marbled gray with pink detail.  Unfortunately this means that my black and red helmet will clash quite nicely - I guess I'll have to get a new one of those as well (wink wink).

The winner!!!!!!!!!!!  FXR Women's Pulse Jacket, so chic!

<Five> New Clothes - Over our vacation, hubby and I dropped the boys of at daycare and spent a day shopping in a nearby city with much more choices then in our town.  Let's just say that the new Gap Outlet I discovered there and I will be friends for quite some time.  I scored some awesome deals on skinny pants and cute sweaters for school.  

I hope everyone had a great holiday with their families - 
welcome to 2016!