Sunday, August 28, 2016

Uncommon Gifts for "That Person" from UncommonGoods - A Gift Guide

Messy Messy Fail - After our huge kitchen facelift (a before and after post perhaps?) everything is back to normal with the exception of one thing.  I noticed last week when I was cooking on the front left burner of my glass cooktop stove that everything seemed to be either A) cooking much quicker or B) simply burning.  After a few ruined meals that had to be thrown away from that particular burner, I proceeded with the boil test and sure enough - I was able to boil a pot of water on the "2" setting.  Now I'm trying to figure out if we are within the limits of the warranty still.  In the meantime, only boiling on that burner.

Tidy Victory - Our beyond slow internet has been fixed!  Over the years, the speed of our internet has become so slow and cumbersome until just this last week when it took at least 2 minutes to load a web page, and sometimes they just wouldn't load at all.  A quick call to our provider along with the reminder of the competition's great rates got a service technician to our house within a few days.  Apparently over the years as the phone line has been moved around the house, the old lines were not cut off.  As the internet was passing through all of the old lines, it was slowing the whole process down.  Whatever that man did, it was amazing - my Snap Chat has never loaded so quickly (lovemymmmess)!

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For all of my ahead-of-the-game holiday shoppers out there - I commend you.  

Sometimes I'm ready for the holidays, sometimes I'm not.  I REALLY enjoying picking out special gifts for people having paid attention to certain things that they like or are looking for.  Nothing makes me happier then seeing the look on their face when they open their gift and I immediately know it was the right choice for them.

However, there are always one or two gifts that I must buy that I'm not sure about.

I'm talking about a gift for "that person".  "That person" is not a bad or insulting term, don't misunderstand me!  "That person" is the person that has, let's say, INTERESTING taste in decor, hobbies etc. that are not what you typically shop for.

I have a "that person" in my life and I love them to death, but I struggle SO MUCH to find the perfect thing to give them.

Enter UncommonGoods - a unique online retailer with items made by designers and artists mostly in the US.  The items you will find here are TRULY unlike any you will find elsewhere.

One of UncommonGoods' mantras really impresses me - at the core of their company is a great respect for the integrity of the creative individual and the belief that it is their responsibility to use their business to impact the world in a positive way.

Respect?!?!?  Individual?!?!?!  Positive?!?!?!

This company has my support.  

UncommonGoods has been awarded by BizRate for outstanding customer service every year since 2007.  In 2015, UncommonGoods achieved the Bizrate Platinum Service of Excellence award, their highest achievement level yet.  

If you are one of my faithful readers, you KNOW how worked up I can get about customer service.  You can always refer to this post to see just how I feel.

UncommonGoods sounds like my kind of company!
- one of a kind items
- concern for the best customer service
- supports the creative process towards excellence in craftsmanship
- up to 1/3 of their items incorporate recycled and/or up-cycled materials

How do you like that last factoid all you green bloggers and readers out there?

Totally a no-brainer!

Now, back to shopping for "that person".....

Are you ready to see how UncommonGoods can help you hone in on your shopping skills to find the perfect gift?

Let us begin with....

Gifts for "That Person" Who Likes Animals More Than People

Gifts for "That Person" Who Cannot Keep Anything Alive

Gifts for "That Person" Who Is a Gearhead

5.    Bike Doormat

Gifts for "That Person" Who Should Be Living in the Wilderness

Gifts for "That Person" Who Is A Rockstar Wannabe

4.   Record Clock
6.   Record Bowls
8.   Door Harp

Gifts for "That Person" Who Deems Themselves Seaworth

Gifts for "That Person" Who Thinks They Are Smarter Than You

1.   Pi Basket
4.   Nightbulb

Gifts for "That Person" Who Wants to Colonize Outer Space

4.   Luna Throw
7.   Moon Clock
8.   Rocket Lamp

Gifts for "That Person" Who Is A Sports Nut

and finally...

Gifts for "That Person" with Mega Vices

13. F Bomb Paperweight

And there you have it people.

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As you can see I have been able to provide you with several eclectic and varying lists to satisfy the needs of your "that person" and of your budget.  

You may have even found a few fun things for yourself.  :)

Nothing wrong with that.  I mean, what better way to determine the quality of product than first-hand experience?

Speaking of yourself - perhaps you would interested in one of their high-quality pillows or blankets from their line to keep you cozy as the cold weather approaches - click here to see that unique collection!

UncommonGoods has so many more awesome and eclectic gifts to give - click here to check out their complete line of home & garden gifts.

Trying to find an unusual but perfect anniversary gift?  UncommonGoods may have just the right gift to fit the bill - check that gift list out here.

As the holidays approach and you slowly whittle down your list, always remember that it's the thought that counts!

Let UncommonGoods help you find the perfect gift for "that person"!

What was the most unique gift YOU ever had to buy for your "that person"?

*Disclosure - I received financial compensation for writing this gift guide.  Opinions expressed here are my own.